Potters for Peace Ceramic Filter
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This filter designed by Potters for Peace eliminates approximately 99.88% of most water born disease agents. It is a pressed bucket made with a mix of local terra-cotta clay and sawdust or other combustible, such as rice husks. The combustible ingredient, which has been milled and screened, burns out in the firing leaving a network of fine pores.

After firing the filter is coated with colloidal silver, which has bactericidal properties.

For use the fired, treated filter element is placed in a five gallon plastic or ceramic receptacle with a lid and faucet. It has a filtration rate of between one and three liters per hour.

Potters for Peace does not make the filter; they train organizations to make them. Tens of thousands of filters have been distributed worldwide by organizations such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and Oxfam.